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  • The Simple Will: No Frills, No Fuss, No Anxiety

    If we do nothing else to take care of our legal affairs, we should write a will. If you don't make a will before your death, state law will determine who gets your property and a judge may decide who will raise your children.

  • What a Will Won't Do

    Many kinds of property -- perhaps some of the most valuable things you own -- don't necessarily pass through your will. Here are some things you shouldn't expect to accomplish in your will.

Living Trusts

  • Living Trust FAQ

    An introduction to living trusts -- a popular way to avoid probate.

  • Why You May Not Need a Living Trust

    Some people need a living trust immediately, others will never need one, and most of us fall somewhere in the middle. Factors to consider are how old you are, how wealthy you are, and whether you are married.

  • Other Advantages of a Living Trust

    The main reason for setting up a revocable living trust is to save your family time and money by avoiding probate after your death. But there are other benefits as well.

Living Wills & Powers of Attorney

Financial Powers of Attorney

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